Resolutions are bogus.

New Year’s resolutions are bogus. Why is it, as humans, that we need justification to do anything anymore? January 1st, for some reason, becomes the ultimate date for us to choose to make a change in our lives, whether it’s to create a more financially stable life, travel more, lose weight, or call the grandparents more often.  Why is it that the day you even think of doing any of those substantial things, you can’t just start then and there?

January 1st shouldn’t be the beginning of anything, except a new year and a new day.  I decided to make my healthy lifestyle change in June of 2015.  One day I woke up, and said, I’m done feeling like this.  I didn’t wait until January 1st, 2016 to do it. I completely understand, that after the holidays, we are feeling a little fluffy, but if you put on that bathing suit in May and think, ‘wow I don’t feel good’, why can’t you start changing your life then?

The last 3 New Years have been significant for me. On 12:01am, January 1st 2015, I started crying because exactly a week later, on my 25th birthday, my stepmother was going in for surgery to remove her cancer.  In my mind, the first minute into 2015, was immediately soured.  For some reason, one minute to the next, my mindset was changed, but why? Because now when I write that date at work it says 2015 instead of 2014?


On 12:01am, January 1st 2016, I started crying next to my fairly new-at-the-time boyfriend.  Why? Because 2016 was a new year, with a new boyfriend that I was falling in love with but was too afraid to admit it and too afraid that if I DID admit it, I’d lose him.


On January 1st, 2017, I cried.  I might not have cried at the ball drop, but that day was a somber day for me.  We had a farewell party for my little sister who was moving to Seattle two days later.  She was moving across the country, to a place that was not an easy place for me to get to in the drop of a hat, if she needed me or if I needed her.  This is a situation, no matter the time of year, that would be tough, but why does our minds immediately think, “Wow 2017 stinks already.”?


If my stepmother was sick halfway through the year, and was going in for surgery mid-August, would I have cried 12:01am August 1st? Why was it that I cried at 12:01am next to my boyfriend that night, when I never would have otherwise?  If my sister was moving away in July, yes, it still would have been a somber day, but would it have been a defining moment that shaped all of 2017 in one instance? We can’t think that way anymore.  None of those moments in my life could possibly affect a whole year, and regardless of the time of year it was happening, it was going to happen.  Nothing was going to stop them from happening.  My step mother got sick, I fell in love, and my little sister took an opportunity to create a life on the west coast, and that’s that.

Your best friend in March 2015 proposes a trip to the Bahamas for March 2016, would you wait until January 1st 2016 to start saving up for it?  If your doctor tells you that you are sick and you need treatment, would you wait until January 1st to start? What if you got into a car accident and needed a new car, would you wait months to get one?  Wouldn’t you do all of those things immediately?

We need to start prioritizing better, putting ourselves and our well-being and our lives first. If you are going to make a resolution, make one that COUNTS. Make them achievable. Don’t make resolutions just to make one that you’ll stop doing or following along with come February.  For years, I had “lose weight” as one of my resolutions.  Never ever was I ever able to keep up with it.  I was only able to do it and keep up with losing the weight, when I woke up and said enough is enough.  I was able to do it because it wasn’t a resolution anymore.  It was a promise I made to myself to lose the weight and be healthy and happy. It wasn’t a gym membership on January 1st, it wasn’t a friend or a family member that needed a yoga buddy… it was MY life I was taking control over.


One quote that floats around in my head all of the time, “if you are tired of starting over, stop giving up.” Think about it.  Every time you put your running shoes on after months of not working out, or pickup that book you need to re-read the last few chapters of, or update your webpage again for the 900th time because you haven’t kept up with it… think about how those moments make you feel.  Why do we stop so easily, when it’s so tough to start again?

We are human. We are full of emotions, and goals, and desires.  We have to start grabbing the bull by the horns and living in the present.  It’s something we see and hear all the time, what is it going to take for us to actually listen?

My 2017 New Year resolution is “no more resolutions.” If I want something, I’m going to go for it. If I need to change something, I’m going to change it right then and there.  No more excuses and hoping a new year is going to fix anything going on in my life. Only I can do that. I hope everyone will be able to do that too.

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